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blog article 1E- Books, Developing Children's Literacy:

Ebooks Developing Children's literacy- ebooks on everything blogFebruary 2014

Parents are buying ebooks for their children in growing numbers as experts say a new generation may become more used to reading from an iPad or Kindle screen than from a traditional book. But do ebooks help develop important early literacy skills and comprehension...

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blog article 1 E-reader (Ebook Readers) Vs Tablets:

ereader vs tablets- ebooks on everything blogFebruary 2014

These days’ tablets are a much hotter seller than ereaders, but sometimes a simple e-book reader is all you need. Many people get tablet computers and e-readers mixed up. After all, you can use your tablet to read e-books. and companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble market e-readers and tablets under the same brand name – the Kindle and the Nook respectively. This article clears up some of the ebook vs. tablet questions...

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